Security Guard Training Classes

Bureau of Security and Investigative Services

Basic Guard Card class is 8 hours consisting of:

4 hours of the Powers to Arrest and

4 hours of Weapons Of Mass Destruction.

These courses comply with the

State of California

Department of Consumer Affairs

Skills Training Course for Security Guards.

Each student is awarded a Certificate of Completion.



SB1626 – Security Guard Card

Requires school security officers, as defined,

who work more than 20 hours per week to complete a new
school security training course
to be developed, and precludes security guards from
being employed directly or as contract employees
at K-12  schools or community colleges after July 1, 2000
unless they have  cleared criminal background checks.

May also have a separate picture ID authorized by the Bureau;

ID must be accompanied by a valid registration.

A security guard protects persons or property.
(B&P 7582.1(e)

A security guard must have a valid guard registration
(B&P 7583.9(a) (B&P 7583.3(a),

if armed they must also have a valid exposed
firearm permit or baton certificate.
(B&P 7583.3(b)

A security guard may work with a license verification print-out from the
BSIS Web site until their guard registration is received.
(B&P 7583.17(b)

A security guard is not required to wear a uniform
unless he/she is using or wearing a baton or exposed firearm.
(B&P 7582.26(i)

To ensure registration is current and valid,
call the License Verification Hotline at (916) 575-7000,
Monday thru Friday 8AM-5PM

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